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SALAD Launches in Style: Upcycled Fashion Takes Center Stage in Amman!

FabricAID's SALAD upcycling brand just launched in style at an exclusive fashion event on the rooftop of Abdali Boulevard in Amman. The genderless, sustainable clothing collection boasts high-end design solutions that make use of upcycled men's suits and deadstock fabrics, making it a perfect fit for the eco-conscious individuals.

But the fashion show was more than just a runway event. Attendees were treated to a music and dance-filled show featuring original tracks by local celebrities like Jordanian producer Nasir al Bashir, actress and singer Yara Al Mustafa, and The Voice winner Lina Makoul. The show was a smashing success, thanks to the collaborative efforts of various partners who shared in the brand's vision for sustainable fashion.

With the successful launch of SALAD, it's clear that this vision for sustainable, stylish fashion is shared by many.


Farah Hourani - Brand Manager

SALAD Takes Dubai by Storm at Etisalat MOTB Market

We're excited to share that our participation in the Etisalat MOTB Market at Dubai Design District during the recent Dubai Shopping Festival was a huge success! Our pop-up store, featuring our unique upcycled contemporary products, received an amazing reception from visitors and influencers from all over the world and the region. We were thrilled to see so many people stopping by our custom-designed rails and branded chairs to take photos and learn more about our brand. The outdoor market was buzzing with energy, and we loved being a part of it. Due to popular demand, the market even extended for two additional nights beyond the festival's end date, giving us even more exposure. We're grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of such a vibrant event and look forward to what's next for SALAD!

Adonis Rocks SALAD's Upcycled Looks on Tour

SALAD has collaborated with Adonis, a popular music band, to create custom looks for their music tour across Lebanon, Tunisia, and Jordan. SALAD's unique approach to upcycling has resulted in one-of-a-kind garments for the band members, perfectly fitting their personal styles and on-stage personas. The sustainable designs made by SALAD not only highlight the band's distinct identity but also support the brand's mission to promote sustainable fashion. The Adonis band members looked stunning in their custom SALAD looks during their tour, and their sustainable fashion choices inspired many. It was a great partnership, and we're proud to have collaborated with such a talented group.